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December 16 2014


Yen Yen Taiwan Street Food – Yummy Taiwanese food at less cost

Taiwanese food is exactly like any Chinese food – even so the difference is that Taiwanese food has a distinct flavor that everybody enjoys. Everything is light, airy, scrumptious, filling and delicious. And while using the freshest ingredients, it'll be surely a hit for everyone.

There are also taiwanese food stalls and restaurants around. I can't compare them though to the real thing for I haven't been to Taiwan and I sooo want to go there to try the delectable and sometimes exotic dishes. Well that can wait though.

While I've already tried a number of the Taiwanese restaurants around the Neighborhood, there's this one that stood out personally. Yen Yen Taiwanese Street Food is laidback and comfy, but delicious and freshly made. The place is clean alright, and I favor the ambience overall.

Added to Yen Yen's delicious treats is this promo from Metrodeal, they'd this voucher deal! I am now able to buy this amazing 500 pesos worth of food and drinks from Yen yen for only 299, and that's really amazing!

Can't help but to buy this deal. With its positive reviews on their restaurant, you can never gonna go wrong with that. I've no hesitations for this one, that I why I bought more for my relatives and buddies.

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January 23 2014


Discounted self defense lessons - can it be performed?

Aside from swimming, I wanna learn the best way to use self defense in case troubles cease around me. It really is never too late to possess one, specifically at this time where crime can occur where you least count on it.

The promo from Metrodeal that I saw last time about the muay thai, judo, boxing or brazilian jiu-jitsu certainly appears tempting - I had a friend who does muay thai, my sister does boxing and one of my classmates is into judo just now and all of them are now fab, fit, healthy and robust. And due to the fact the exercises described is often applied for self defense, it might be made use of in occasions of trouble.

The thing that I really like from metrodeal may be the variety of posted deals. From restaurants to getaways to thrilling activities to amazing products and quite a few others, the possibilities are endless. What I am looking for is posted on their site. I am also amazed on their testimonials as well, as stated in one of the Metrodeal review that I've read some time ago, they got it all in their web-site. And it certainly is!

Obtaining the voucher is as quick as 1-2-3. I paid for the deal using my trusty debit card, printed the vouchers from my account, called KMA fitness in Makati for reservations and get in the brazilian jiu jitsu lessons. My sensei (instructor) taught us students the basics, on how the brazilian jiu-jitsu is distinct from other sorts of jiu-jitsu, the core dynamics, the starter exercises and a lot of a lot more! It certainly is difficult, but it is a entertaining exercise!

I never ever thought that I could delight in bazilian jiu-jitsu this much, and I got the lessons at 77% off! I'm glad that I had this deal at such a massive discount, thanks again to Metrodeal! Looking forward to get a lot more of one's offers once again!

Check out Longchamp bags on MetroDeal!

January 07 2014


Multipurpose bed tray from Metrodeal

My boyfriend knows that I am a little lazy at my job. Rather than going at the study to work or even to read a book, or having a trip to the kitchen simply to eat, I choose to possess it all performed at the comforts of my own bed. I've my trusty wooden bed tray with me, constantly out there and prepared anytime I had my lazy days ahead, and because of the years of usage, it's now giving up. :(

The hinges and wood pieces are now falling apart, the paintings are now slowly fading, you can find lots of loose screws all over and the screws are being loose one by one. I want a brand new bed tray that could support me with undertaking issues while i am in my bed, And only Metrodeal can help me with that.

It can be a surprise that Metrodeal includes a bed tray deal posted on their web-site. The bed tray is from IKEA, the leading interior design store that offers uniquely designed functional pieces for house. I've already saw the bed tray itself and I find it ergonomically made, sleek, portable and lightweight. I can't wait to get it at the MetroDeal website.

Good factor that I never saw a single negative Metrodeal review posted on-line, and becoming a client myself, I in no way had any qualms on all purchases that I did. That's why I'm hunting forward on the IKEA bed tray in a jiff.

Right after I produced my buys and have the tray delivered here in the home, I'm stoked on what I've seen. The IKEA bed tray is sturdy, difficult and cute. I got the red a single (my fave colour!) and it sure it appears cute on my bed. And it can hold on to my laptop as well!

Like my bed tray from IKEA and thank the heavens for Metrodeal for getting this product on their web-site as well! Searching forward for additional discount buys quickly!

October 17 2013


Metrodeal's Gerry's Grill promo


What I like most about Gerry's Grill is the serving of food and drinks at the massive discount. Me and my friends used to hang out, dine, have fun and drink while the band is singing at the front, feeling every moment while they are singing us with whimsical lullabies and nostalgic love songs. Ever since when I'm still in college, Gerry's Grill has been a known name for us who wants to enjoy the moment and have a memory together.

Well of course, there are other restaurants that came to mind that also offers food and drinks that are affordable, and luckily they did not disappoint. I adore every minute of being at the bars and restos that offers a unique ambience and hype as we search for something new. But of course the classic Gerry's Grill is still the best for us.

It is a surprise for us to see Gerry's Grill offering a huge 50% off on their branch at the Congressional Avenue, courtesy of MetroDeal. The said website is known for their drop-down discounts up to 90% on their huge selection of services and products, ranging from spas, hotels, travel destinations, foodie treats, engaging activities and more. I'm more than glad that they got to have Gerry's Grill on their lineup, for I've been a fanatic of their food and the place itself.

My friend has told me on this amazing feat. Good thing that we had our upcoming reunion and we managed to get in touch with our college blockmates and set the date on our trip to Gerry’s. We told them about Metrodeal offering this amazing deal and we all decided to grab this deal in an instant so that we could have an ample amount of food and drinks during that day. Since the deal is only worth 250 for 500 pesos worth of food and drinks, We bought 8 vouchers (4000 worth), avail on the most preferred schedule, proceed to the Gerry's Grill and unleash the night with my friends.

And just like the old times, Gerry's Grill live on its name and reputation, offering the best food, drinks and booze in the whole metro. The bands may come and go, but they still offer the same surreal atmosphere that everyone likes. We share the good ol' times during our college times, our past professors, the life after graduation, work related misadventures and our future plans. It's good to see the old familiar faces and to relieve the college memories.

I'm happy that

September 12 2013


Multifunctional clothes rack from Metrodeal

The rainy season is back once again and it's gonna be hard to have your clothes dry. I'm not usually use my washing machine's dryer to wring them all out, for my mom always tell me that it's best to hang all the washed clothes outside the house to ensure that all of my skirts, dresses and shirts are all dry. 

But whenever there are sudden rains and downpour around the Metro, I had to admit that I'll be having a hard time getting all the clothes from the clothesline and thinking on where to put it. I worry on the soiled clothes during the rain, and hanging them all to dry inside the house is a problem. Our house is relatively small, and to create one to become a makeshift clothesline is a major burden for us. 

I've been looking for possible solutions on this one, until I saw this clothes rack from Metrodeal: 

I think it will be convenient to have this product, especially now that is the rainy season already. The two-way clothes rack is an great addition to the house, and it's usable in so many ways especially at this rainy state. It can be used as an in-house clothesline and a temporary space for ironed clothes. It is also durable and strong for it can hold lots of clothes, jackets, dresses and many more. And because of its mobile features, it can be moved anywhere in and outside the house. 

After reading the clothes rack's features, I'm convinced that I'll be getting this from Metrodeal. I went to visit their website and buy the product in a heartbeat. I emailed the merchant that is provided in the website and waited for a week to have it delivered to our house. After I had it received and fixed, It makes me think that it's all worth the money. It really is helpful in so many ways, especially at times like these. 

I tried using these one time after a sudden thunderstorm hit our place. Good thing that I got our laundry before it rains really hard. After getting the clothes from the clothesline, I immediately hang them on the clothes rack and have all my clothes air dried for the entire night. Because of its space-saving feature, I don't have to worry on my almost-dried-up clothes hanging everywhere. 

Great product, ergonomic design, reasonable price, useful features. I am so glad that Metrodeal has this product posted on their website. So happy indeed!

September 11 2013


Metrodeal's Multifunctional clothes rack

It's the rainy season once again and it's gonna be hard to have your clothes dry. I don't usually use the dryer from my washing machine to wring them all out, for my mom always tell me that hanging the washed clothes outside is best to ensure that all of my dresses, skirts and shirts are all dry. 

But whenever there are sudden downpours and rains happening in the Metro, I had to admit that I'll be having a hard time getting all the clothes from the clothesline and thinking on where to place the almost-dried clothes. I worry on the soiled clothes during the rain, and I'll be having a problem hanging them to have them airdry inside the house. We only have a small place and it's a major burden for us to create one to become a makeshift clothesline. 

I've been looking for possible solutions on this one, until I saw this clothes rack from Metrodeal: 

I think having this one is convenient for us, especially now that is the rainy season already. The two-way clothes rack is an great addition to the house, and it's useful in so many ways especially at this rainy season. It can be used as an in-house clothesline and a temporary space for ironed clothes. It is also strong and durable for it can hold lots of jackets, clothes, dresses and many others. And because of its mobile features, it can be easily moved in and outside the house. 

After reading the clothes rack's features, I'm convinced that I'll be getting this from Metrodeal. I went to visit their website and buy the product in an instant. I emailed the merchant that is provided in the website and waited for a week to have it delivered to our house. After I had it received and assembled, It makes me think that it's all worth the money. It really is helpful in so many ways, especially at times like these. 

I tried using these one time after a sudden thunderstorm hit our place. Good thing that I got our laundry before it rains really hard. After getting the clothes from the clothesline, I immediately use the clothea rack and to have all my clothes air dried for the whole night. Because of its space-saving feature, I don't have to worry on my almost-dried-up clothes hanging everywhere. 

Great product, ergonomic design, useful features, reasonable price. I am so thankful that Metrodeal has this product posted on their website. So happy indeed!

September 07 2013


Handy dandy projects is now easy, thanks to MetroDeal

My dad loves to work on too many projects all at once. He loves doing diverse types of DIY projects, handicrafts and even artsy stuff. That is why our place has too many handicraft materials, handyman supplies and many others.

What I hate about it is the fact that he's having a hard time using too many tools at once. He has tons of tools already: a hammer, set of screws, a set of knives, pieces of clamps, nail claws and many others. He doesn't use all of them, just few of them for his projects. I'm really sad that his things looks like a mess whenever he's looking for a specific tool for his work.

That is why I thought of buying something that can be used at once. Good thing that I stumbled to MetroDeal and saw this amazing product:

Too many handyman tools in one piece! This multifunctional tool can be used as a hammer, pliers,small/large knife , nail claw, nail file, serrated blade, phillips/slotted screwdriver, wire cutter and a bottle opener. This usable tool looks durable too for it's made of stainless steel. Because of its compact and sleek structure, it is guaranteed to last for a long time.

And since it's my dad's birthday in a few weeks, I decided to buy this amazing product in the MetroDeal site. Went to the actual deal and click on the “buy now button”. I've never been so estatic before on my purchases online until now. After all, this one's for my loving papa.

Few weeks after I made a purchase on this deal, I finally got the multifunctional handy hammer tool at our doorstep. Oh how I love how durable the product is and the quality is great, it makes me think that it's worth the money. And I only got this for only 299 pesos, it's a steal for me. Handy gadget friendly price = real deal.

As I handed this to my papa, he was happy and surprised that I got this from him. He adores the handy hammer tool to bits! Daddy used the gift that I gave to him the next day on his next handyman project and the tool never left his side ever since. I'm exalted that dad loves this.

I am one happy customer, MetroDeal has been a great help in having unique and useful products being posted in their site. Hope that I could see more deals like this in their site soon!

Check out Metrodeal for more!

September 03 2013


Metrodeal's Relaxing Gel Socks

Sorely tired feet. The only thing that I always wanted is to rest after working for the whole day. I've been in different places, and my feet are all tired after all the craziness from my everyday routine.

On mornings I get up, get dressed and wear my usual suits and “killer” heels while talking to the clients, managers and to my team mates. In the evenings I dressed up again, this time in my usual running gear that consists of a shorts, tank top and running shoes, running in circles in the park nearest to the office so that I can shed those fatty layers in my body. It's been tiring but I've been used to it.

That is why I would love to have a massage or anything to comfort my booboo feet on a daily basis. Massages can be cheap, but it can be a hassle if you do it on a daily basis. Another great idea is to get a foot spa treatment, but the relief is only temporary. I would love to have this extreme comfort on a daily basis.

Then I saw Metrodeal's gel socks promo posted on their website.

Looking at the said promo and the product, the gel socks can moisturize and rejuvinate your feet everytime you wear them. It's also durable and washable, perfect for indoor and outdoor use. I think I can wear this amazing socks at the office during breaks or home. Best of all, it's more cheaper than the ones that I've seen in the stores, so this is a must for me. :)

And so the gel socks that I bought from Metrodeal is a total lifesaver. It was really comfy, makes my tired and sore feet more relieved and it's now more soft. I absoluely love how it helps me big time, and its overall benefit for me.

I'm happy that I purchase two pairs for my own use. I've been using these at home and at the office, whenever I had no meetings outside the office and only if I had tons of office work to be done. I also love to use this at the comforts of my own home, especially after I had my evening shower and read a book.

This is one great find for me, for our feet is the most overworked part of the body. To have this rejunivating gel socks is a great help for all. Trust me on this one, you also need this!

That is why I'm thankful that Metrodeal has this product posted on their website, a lifesaver indeed!

August 24 2013


Attention-grabbing underarms is a dream come true, with the help of MetroDeal!

Update: This is why Metrodeal works: Metrodeal

I always think that white, flawless underarms can grab everyone's attention. I remember watching my friend's theater performance one day and I know it's weird but I can't help but to stare her gorgeous underarms than on her performance itself. I love the thought of wearing tank tops, sleeveless shirts bandeaus and tube tops and raise your arms with confidence, without having to worry about your hairy and dark bushes hidden under my arms.

But alas, these gruesome underarms has been my forever problem for as long as I remember. I tried plucking, shaving and even using whiteners for underarms to achieve my lifelong dream of having white underarms. After several attempts, still i've no luck. Having flawless underarms is definitely not for me.

I know that all of the underarm whitening and IPL discounts posted on various websites are usually takes place in Ortigas and Makati, and it's far enough for me. All my life I've been living in Marikina, and I usually travel from our place to makati for 2-3hrs. I I don't wanna pay extra for my transportation, just to have this procedure done. I'm still hoping to find a discount voucher like this one where it's just a minutes ride from our place and where I can go on weekends.

Then this news came. Doc Lawrence clinic, one of the well-known beauty clinic in our area has a promo posted on MetroDeal. The skin whitening treatment and IPL hair removal is just a perfect match for me, for it's only a few blocks away from my place and it only cost 99 pesos, definitely a steal! I have heard so much about the said clinic and I was astonished on the results from them. And because of this amazing promo from Metrodeal, I bought 10 vouchers from them and booked myself for reservations.

I went to the clinic and the receptionist assisted to the room where the IPL and whitening procedure takes place. The attendant who will do the procedure has put me at ease, for I always thought that the IPL treatment was scary as hell, but it's not. The IPL wasn't painful and is fast, and the whitening treatment is ok for me.

After the session, I happy that my skin is more lighter and more cleaner. The attendant who does the procedure told me that it's a good thing that I purchased 10 vouchers from metrodeal for it took 10 sessions in order to see the best results, and I can't wait for my next session so that I can have that dream of having a flawless, white underarms in the soonest possible time!

I'm glad that Metrodeal has this amazing deal posted on their site, wee!

May 21 2013


The unforgettable Hot air balloon fiesta knowledge, because of Metrodeal certainly!

My boyfriend Bill and I have been with each other for three years, and to celebrate our upcoming anniversary and valentines day, we decided to take a break and strategy our getaway to Subic in Zambales.

Looking at the evaluations and blogs, the mentioned hot air balloon fiesta can be a feast to the eyes of absolutely everyone who desires to witness unique colorful and whimsical hot air balloons that can fly as much as the sky. Audiences also includes a chance to see airplane acrobats soaring by way of the sky along with the chance to ride the hot air balloon itself, and that's what I am truly in search of within the trip, for confident it'll be an event to bear in mind.

But what worries us both is definitely the expenditures. The entrance towards the hot air balloon fiesta cost 250 pesos each, and the one-way bus ride will costs 500 pesos every single, now that's loads of dollars for us. We're trying to find ways to save cash for our future endeavors and simultaneously delight in every little thing that we had suitable now. I can't ask for anything far more.

A typical buddy of ours saw this deal posted on Metrodeal and she told us about it. It was a trip for the hot air balloon fiesta, comprehensive with round trip bus transfers from Manila to Subic and back, and sidetrips to the Bat kingdom and Duty Cost-free shops for only 2249 pesos, I assume it is a wonderful deal! The voucher deal also incorporates entrance for the Hot air balloon fiesta, Ocean adventure park and Dinosaur island, solutions from the tour guide and tour coordinator for queries, and travel insurance just in case if there's any scenarios that can sadly happen though on the road. This is why we avail in the voucher and went to Subic for the awesome event this coming anniversary and Valentine's day.

We went to the bus station at around 2am and arrived at Clark at around 5am. As we arrived in the festival location, we are all in awe in the astounding spectacle of hot air balloons in distinctive colors, shapes and sizes floating within the early morning.

Almost everything is fantastic. The hot air balloon flights, aeromodeling demonstrations, ultralights, aircraft demonstrations, daredevil paraglider pilots and skydivers are all remarkable, a feast for the eyes indeed! I also take pleasure in our sidetrip towards the Ocean adventure park, Bat kingdon and Dinosaurs island, and naturally our fast stop by to the Duty free shops and splurge on export goods at a discount value. :)

I never ever believed that I will delight in the whole adventure lots. All the things is usually a feast for the eyes for me and my boyfriend, and this encounter is one thing that I will not overlook, even for any lifetime. Thank you dear boyfriend, for making me really feel like a kid once again, and to Metrodeal at the same time for possessing this amazing deal posted on their internet site! :)

May 13 2013


Loving my bouncy locks from Actitud Salon and Metrodeal!

Who wants to have lifeless, dull hair? My hair looks a crazy mess ever since I plan on having my hair rebonded and experienced a traumatic hair ordeal at our parlor nearby. After what happened, my hair looks like the strands of the broom, it's really scary! XD that hairy scary experience makes me don't want to trust my hair to any salons and parlors, ever again!

But I keep on being tempted by every girls who has gorgeous hair. A lot of my friends were lucky enough to have their hair treated well, and I really envy their straight, long locks and luscious curls.

I really wish to have wavy, bouncy locks like those from international beauty queens. Everytime I watch international beauty contests like Miss Universe, Miss International and Miss World, they always have silky soft and wavy curls that bounces everytime they strut the stage. I absolutely adore the look that even my friends told me that me having curly hair really suits me than having straight hair. That is why they told me to have faith in having my hair treated in parlors and salons again. I asked for help in finding the suitable parlors that has the reputation in making the hair being reborn and are also friendly to the budget. So we searched for beauty parlors and salons that has both the treatments that I'm looking for.

While we were doing our research, we saw this promo posted on Metrodeal about the permanent blowdry or digital perm with scalp massage and hair detox from Actitud Salon for only 999 pesos, and I think it's a great deal! Digiperms costs more than 1000 pesos and this promo can save me a lot. Another advantage for me is that the salon has the reputation of taking good care of the customer's hair. So I took the risk on having my hair into the salon stylist again.

So I bought the deal from Metrodeal, have the appointment scheduled and proceed to the parlor. Their friendly receptionist guided me to to my chair and let them do their job for the hair detox , digital perm and scalp massage. The whole hair treatment lasted for more than 1hour and I absolutely adore the result! My hair looks shiny and bouncy, and with the additional treatments included My hair will surely be beautiful for a long time.

My loving friends are now telling me that I got what it takes to be a beauty queen, thanks to for the wonderful voucher from Metrodeal and to the work done by Actitud Salon, I am so looking forward for more affordable deals from them soon!

April 26 2013


2 birds in one stone! IPL and Underarm Whitening experience at the Pink2Pink Body & Face Skin Care

I hate it when I had to wear shirts and dress without sleeves because of my dark underarms! it makes me feel uneasy to raise my arms whenever I wear one during vacations and on parties. Of course we all know how crazy our weather is especially during the summer season, and wearing sleeves during those humid days makes me feel sweaty throughout the day.

I never had any problems when it comes to underarm sweating. It’s just that my underarms are... well not that fair and it's not that dark either. I blame myself for being such a fan of plucking and shaving when I was young, where I get so irritated on my growing crazy bushes on that part. As much as I would like to on a regular basis, still my schedule does not want me to do such.

A friend of mine told me that the best way to get rid of dark underarms and stubborn underarm hair is to get an IPL. I googled on what IPL does to the skin and it looks like it’s a great way to eliminate dark underarms and underarm hair - forever! But this procedure proves to be pricey for this is one permanent procedure. Until she told me that I can find one that is less costly at the Metrodeal site.

So I checked Metrodeal.com and searched for the best IPL and underarm whitening treatments and my, I was surprised on the great number of posted deals on their website! from restaurants to getaways to products to spas, every post is tempting for me. :D

But anyway, I clicked on the ‘Spa, beauty and wellness’ tab and checked on the things that I’m looking for. The one from Pink2pink Body and Face Skin Care Center is a perfect match for me for it offers both the treatments that I am searching for. I availed at the offer on their website and scheduled an appointment to have my underarms freshly cleaned.

I went to my scheduled appointment to the clinic at their Pasay branch and their clinic was small yet clean. their attendant was friendly and lead me to the room where their gadget for IPL and some of the chemicals used for whitening is located. I took a deep breath and relax while the dermatologist do their work. After their treatment I was surprised on the results! my underarm looks smooth and clean than before! I love it! <3

My dermatologist advised me to continue with the IPL and whitening treatment until it becomes more fair. the IPL treatment is also permanent, therefore i don’t have to worry on the ingrown hair soon.

I’m satisfied with the outcome and with my purchased voucher at Metrodeal, Now I’m a fan!

April 13 2013


Discount Coupons – What you need to know about it

The business economy today has lots of people worried on their budgets. Although it may take time to eliminate monetary matters, money can still be saved in subtle ways. Discount coupons are a great way to save big bucks. The tips following can help you learn about the best way to use discount coupons and how they can help you.

Don't get carried away by greed when you are buying discount coupons. Only buy the deals that you can adequately use. If you do not think you can use a coupon in time, or use the deal being bought, you should either give the voucher that you bought on their website or simply not use it.

Sign up on their newsletter that lists deals. There are many online deal forums which regularly post freshly posted coupons and promotions that are up online. Not only can you print the vouchers, you can also get reactions on how well the online coupons worked and whether or not it is a good deal.

One great tool for coupon organization is the list down all the coupons that you've bought online on group buying sites like MetroDeal. These list can be a great tool to track down all the deals that you have bought online, so your online coupons will be easy to see, locate and organize. Expiry dates can be viewed in the voucher itself. It can be easily seen, so you will not have any issues using them with you when you want to use them.

Try to make extra space for storing the discount coupons that you bought online in a clean folder so that you can get the most out of coupon buying. A 75% off deal means that you want to save up as many of them as you can, so have some storage set aside for the online coupons.

Use the Internet as a resource to find discount vouchers online. The Internet will give you access to some of the group buying sites like MetroDeal where you can buy discount vouchers and print them right on your printer at the office or at home. Most discount coupon sites will allow you to buy deals and print several coupons from their site. These can be used just like any of the discount vouchers you find in other websites.

Don't get carried away by greed when you are buying discount vouchers online. Only buy the deals that you can adequately use. If you do not think you can use a coupon on a specific date, or use the deal being bought, you should either give the voucher that you bought on their website or simply not use it.

An excellent way to save money while buying online is by using discount vouchers and coupons posted on group buying sites, like MetroDeal. With any luck, this post can help you understand the use of discount vouchers and coupons much better. It's not hard to find drop-down discounts for it can be seen when being searched, and it doesn't have to be troublesome to put them to use. With little effort you'll find that you will be saving a lot of money anytime.

March 30 2013


Metro Deal as well as the Island Hopping in El Nido

Now I know why Palawan was named the “Final Frontier”.

It was our first out-of-town trip because me and my fiance got engaged and we’re definitely excited since El Nido has been our dream vacation spot ever considering that. To prepare for the trip, we researched on a number of choices, from airfare to travel agencies, and so forth. Finally, we saw the El Nido Adventure deal within the MetroDeal web site. When compared with other prices, their package included the airfare also because the accommodation and food. Island hopping tour was also integrated. We decided to acquire this deal considering that it fees significantly less (about the half of the usual package prices).

The trip from Manila to El Nido took about six hours and we had been so tired that we stayed the rest of the day at Casa Cecilia Hotel. It wasn’t extended until we discovered out that tours in El Nido is “all water”. On our second day, we headed to the beach for our island hopping tour. You will find 4 typical tours, each and every focusing on a different set of islands, beaches, lagoons, etc. Our guide suggested that we take Tour A because this is by far the most well-known particularly to snorkelers. And I quickly realized why.

Our initial stop was the Large and Smaller lagoons situated in Miniloc Island. There were a good deal of corals and fishes that its encouraged to wear swimming footwear. But you must be careful and tolerable, because the fishes in the Tiny lagoon like to bite at guests to safeguard their residences. We also saw various sea urchins near the shore of the Big lagoon.

Immediately after these two lagoons, we headed for the Secret Lagoon. What makes it intriguing is the fact that to enter the lagoon, you need to squeeze by way of a small hole around the mountain. The hole is huge sufficient for one particular person and there is hardly any room to move in in the event you decide to go backwards, so the only way in and out of it truly is to provide way to each other. It was just about noon so it was quite crowded inside already. We only stayed long enough to take some images on the underwater life and headed towards the Shimizu Island.

We had our lunch on Shimizu Island. The boatman was in charge of preparing it and I was impressed at how scrumptious the food was cooked. We also had fresh coconut juice to drink it all down.

Our final stop was the Seven Commandos Island. We snorkeled for the last time and had a few rounds at beach volleyball before calling it per day.

We actually had a great deal of enjoyable in El Nido despite the fact that there had been a lot of vacationers. I recommend that you simply go there when its not in peak season to be capable to enjoy much more of the scenery without feeling as well pressured to move on. And to save in your expenses, it assists to analysis on offers just like the a single we found on MetroDeal.

Subsequent time, we’ll try out the other Island Hopping Tours. Till we meet again, El Nido!

March 13 2013


F Salon’s Extra Ordinary Chocolate Foot Pampering from MetroDeal

Chocolate utilised to be exclusively under the meals category. We eat chocolate to really feel very good. We add it to our recipes to offer it a distinct flavor. Chocolate is also incorporated in beauty solutions as an attractive scent in lotions and creams.But not too long ago, chocolate has discovered new use inside the beauty category as a result of spas. Chocolate is not just integrated inside the therapy as a scent, but as a most important ingredient itself.

Why chocolate? Chocolate consists of theobromine, that is believed to make a slimming impact around the physique. This really is why spa treatment options that use chocolate is usually sought immediately after by those who desire to shed some weight. Chocolate also has other minerals that gives off a calming effect towards the physique and reduce stress.

I’ve study about chocolate being employed in physique scrubs and foot spas ahead of, but I haven’t heard of a neighborhood shop that provides this service. Right after browsing the net, I saw this offer you for any Footilicious Chocolate Foot Spa at F Salon in MetroDeal. In addition to the use of chocolate within the foot spa therapy, what convinced me most was the price. For this deal, I only paid Php 99, that is reduced in comparison with the normal Foot Spa prices of nearby salons which get started at Php 120.

Immediately after presenting my MetroDeal voucher, I was lead to my chair and asked to wait for my attendant as they prepare for my foot spa. I didn’t have to wait lengthy until the smell of chocolate started to drift into the space. I could hardly tell which from the creams and powders applied to my feet have been actually chocolate except for the scrub and also the chocolate foot mask, which surely looked and smelled strongly of chocolate.

The therapy had left my feet feeling light and smelling of chocolate. It is such a shame that I didn’t get far more mainly because I’d absolutely choose to go back and possess the very same treatment subsequent month.

March 09 2013


Best Boracay Deal for Less from MetroDeal

My boyfriend and I planned to visit Boracay to celebrate our 3rd anniversary. We have not created any final plans yet when my officemate sent me this Metro Deal hyperlink to a voucher for a hotel in Boracay. The voucher was definitely convincing mainly because for 3 days and two nights in La Oviedo Beach Resort, we'll only spend P1,800 for the entire package rather than P3,600.

I passed the e-mail to my boyfriend and asked his opinion on it. I told him that I looked up the resort and located various critiques about it, each good and undesirable. He has been looking for accomodations in Boracay also, and told me that the Metro Deal voucher was the cheapest 1 there is. He also told me that even though there might be adverse reviews, the resort may well have enhanced considering the fact that the critique was written, so we shouldn't judge it before we are even there.

With his consent, I purchased the MetroDeal voucher and booked our arrival final January. Due to the fact there are numerous resorts in Boracay, we had a bit of difficulty acquiring there. By the time we completed fixing changing our garments and fixing our luggage, the sun was currently about to set. We know from hearsay that life in Boracay starts at night. We each decided to go the beach region where we believe the activities are at.

The hotel wasn't exactly located in front in the beach but we didn't mind walking to the shore area. We spent the rest of the night bar hopping and dancing that when we woke up within the hotel the following morning, it was practically noon. Considering the fact that we brought our personal meals ahead of going there, we agreed to ask the hotel's permission to work with their kitchen. The receptionist then known as certainly one of the staff to take us to the kitchen and help us. When we returned towards the beach substantially earlier that afternoon, we caught sight of numerous persons para sailing or kite boarding. My boyfriend wanted to try it but I was scared of heights thats why we tried out the other water sports instead.

My boyfriend was correct about acquiring the MetroDeal vouchers and staying in La Oviedo. Possibly subsequent year we'll come back to Bora and keep there once more.

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